Agile Transformation

Via coaching and leadership we can take your business on the journey to an Agile Transformation, developing cross-functional teams delivering in rapid release cycles.

Migrating from a Waterfall approach can be tough and often Agile is brought in as a rigid framework of artifacts, roles and ceremonies. If these concepts don’t work for a business it is often the teams that are blamed for the failure.

In reality, the truth about adopting Agile is more about altering the company’s culture, their ways of working, and the individual’s mindset to allow Agile to thrive. Agile Transformation is about enabling this change and the removal of any barriers that may be preventing it. Once we have the mindset, the formal structure of Agile will flow more easily.

We can help your team get that mindset, introduce you to the best tools for the job, build up a cross-functional team, and through the use of Test Driven and Business Driven Development techniques, enable your team to start to continuously deliver with rapid release cycles.

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