We have been in e-commerce for 15 years, developing and deploying enterprise-level solutions in an agile manner. There’s no substitute for experience, and we appreciate that you wouldn’t want to risk your business by partnering with a team who are doing this for the first time. Here our experience speaks for itself. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, across retail, luxury and entertainment sectors, helping them to deliver their solutions.

Choosing to develop in an agile manner, has led to our belief that transparency and collaboration are key to a successful outcome. We won’t come in and tell you how to run your business, instead we will work with you to define your requirements, helping you to reach decisions that relate to your business goals, and guiding your team to develop an e-commerce platform that matches them.

Key to being able to deliver this is being technology agnostic. We have partnered with the leaders in the e-commerce space, and this means we can offer best of breed solutions with modern headless platforms like Commercetools, to the more traditional architectures of Oracle and Hybris.


Our full stack developers work in the industry standard web-development technologies every day, and are fluent in many languages and frameworks, although we are specialists in the Javascript and Java domains. They will use this knowledge to help and guide you to the best solution for the situation.

We believe that a headless approach to modern applications provides the most flexibility for the client and we see Javascript as one of our core languages enabling us to achieve this.

Our expertise across different frameworks allows us to deliver these applications in an independent, easy to deploy, and fully test automated fashion.


We have experience working with small as well as large companies, but regardless of the size we love to understand you and your business and provide you with the best technical solution out there.

We know how easy is to be lost in all these technical terms and frameworks. We talk your language to deliver the best agile, test driven, scalable product out there. We will guide you through the labyrinth from start to finish.

Focus on us as a team coming in to help the in-house team. Not a full service SI, or end-to-end project team, see us as an extension to your best people, coming in to get them started and help them through tricky patches.


Many projects are given the brief of building a web site or a mobile application and then later on have to integrate with a third party through an API. This lends itself to developing along two paths which leads to inefficiencies in the API and duplication in the code.

A much better approach to take is to develop from the APIs outwards. Now your website or mobile app is just another consumer of your data, in the same way as the third party. By building your APIs first, you are saving a lot of work later, whilst laying the foundations for future development.