Why Choose the Cloud

One reason to adopt a cloud solution is the undeniable reduction in capital expenditure, but this is not the only benefit. Companies stuck with a large technology investment can find they are unable to take advantage of the latest trends in the marketplace.

Being in the cloud removes a lot of that pressure by allowing for rapid scaling, and descaling, of resources to fit your business needs.

Cloud Services

We have chosen to focus on AWS and GCP as each has advantages for different projects, and pricing models that suit different types of client.

Whether it’s Big Data, Serverless architectures, or just integrating with Docker and Kubernetes both platforms can work for you. We can help you decide which system will best fit you requirements, and help you on the road to configuring and using them in production.

Serverless Architecture

When we talk about “Serverless” what we are really talking about, is a framework where the developer does not have to think about servers, and can just focus on code. This means they can single-handedly build applications that are production ready, without having to think about provisioning servers, resourcing and scaling solutions up-front. Which means applications get off the ground quicker, with smaller, cross-functional agile teams.

As experts in serverless architecture, the Cabiri team can help you pick a serverless approach that fits your organisation to the right cloud provider whilst reducing costs.


We will bring to you our expertise in Kubernetes and Helm, technologies which make application deployments easy and reduce overall complexity. The simplicity they bring enables you to easily standardize your deployments, so that they are reusable and automated.

Once deployments can be automated, we can free up our developers, improving their productivity and enhancing their operational readiness.

Using Helm to facilitate your CI/CD pipeline in Kubernetes is something we can help you with, and show you the way to continuous integration, continuous delivery or continuous deployment by using it.