We enable amazing companies to build world best of bred web-scale application by creating a small, an independent and an easy to deploy application in fully testable and automated fashion.

Using modern technologies and standards to expose customers existing technology as micro services. Allowing then to rebuild their digital landscape around these services.

Empower your organisation to move faster in the world of increased competition by building small and fast applications.

We follow a very simple principle keep it simple, stupid (KISS) and we truly believe that an application should do one thing but it should do it really well.

How many times have you had problems during peak times? We helped many companies to solve scaling problems by breaking their current architecture to fine grained services.

Have you calculated how much do you lose by having maintenance window? Microservices are there to help and we are the best to help you with them.

  • 20 Projects delivered
  • 10 Years of experience
  • 15 Partners working with us

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